Zap Pack Family Edition: All 6 Episodes along with Family Discussion Guide

Help your children understand what following Jesus looks like!

The Chapel and Brothers Young Productions bring you a six-week, sitcom-style video series following the life of a preteen boy named Zack. Zack’s world turns upside down when his family moves to a new town, then turns bizarre when he gets zapped into his school backpack. Zack’s life and attitude are transformed as he learns stories of children from the Bible who were truly “livin’ it”!

Includes media DVD and family discussion guide.

Also available as a full six-week church curriculum set.

Family Edition allows your church to…
- Partner with parents by providing a way for them to take the Zap Pack adventure home.
- Allow children to re-watch and share all six fun-filled episodes with their family and friends.
- Equip families to gather together for a fun and easy Bible devotional by watching an episode, then talking through the provided discussion questions.

$60 for 10-Pack

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