Our Values


We will honor God by striving to make the content, creativity, and production quality of every product world-class. We have had the privilege of partnering with the following people and organizations:

- Willow Creek Association
- Matthew and Jared Young of Brothers Young Productions
- Chris Scherf of Second Look Films
- Tod Carter of Brain Freeze Entertainment
- Rob Biagi, Musician
- Rick Altizer, Musician and creator of Worship Jams and The Logoz
- Michael Vagnoni, Artist
- Karl Bastian of Kidology.org


We are not interested in earthly wealth, but in leaving behind low-cost resources that are used to transform today’s children into spiritual champions.

If any of our products are beyond what you can afford, please email us and we will do our best to help you out.


The goal of every product, whether used in the church or at home, is spiritual transformation. For children, the result of transformation is a child who understands and is living out the following three statements:

1. Jesus is the greatest friend you could ever have!
2. Following Jesus leads to the best life possible!
3. God made you special and has a great plan for your life!


Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. For that reason, we are not ashamed of creating products that entertain as they educate.


Our resources are meant to empower God-appointed teachers and parents, not burden them with unnecessary preparations. We strive to make resources and curriculum that are simple and require less than one hour of prep time.