Our Story

Dan Huffman

In the corner of my kitchen on a cold, winter day, I watched three small tadpoles try to swim in a few tablespoons of water. My kids had promised me that they would care for these critters if we bought the “Grow-A-Frog” kit. That was months before and they had obviously moved on to better things. Not wanting these small creatures to suffer, I added some water and nearly forgot about them. Over the winter, I continued adding water and watching them. The tadpoles weren’t changing — not even slightly. After nearly a year, I began to wonder if we received defective tadpoles. I began researching tadpoles and discovered important things every tadpole needs to transform into a frog. Turns out they need warm water and food. I found a heat lamp and purchased tadpole food. Sure enough, I began to see progress. Slowly the tadpoles grew legs and eventually lost their tails. It was a happy day when the kids and I finally let them go free outside.

As we put away the aquarium, I began thinking how children are like tadpoles. Just like tadpoles, people are meant to be transformed. We are meant to become more and more like Jesus. For more than a dozen years, I’ve worked to create innovative tools to help the families at my church grow spiritually. Today I am broadening my focus from just my church to the Church. The mission is to produce world-class, God-honoring, and innovative children’s ministry resources. As fun and educational as it was to grow-a-frog, it was not significant. However, we have been commissioned by God to grow up our children into spiritual champions. There is nothing more significant than that!