Jesus Is Real: 4-Week Curriculum for Grades 2-6

Give children solid reasons to believe in Jesus!

The Chapel and Second Look Films bring you a four-week, sitcom-style video series featuring the news team from Breaking Action Daily News. This small-town newscast is dead last in the ratings until the skeptical producer, Bentley, orders news anchor Walter Riley to report that Jesus is a fake. With the help of a young boy and a mysterious janitor, Walter’s investigative reporting leads him to a pastor, professor, physician, and printer. Each episode sheds new light on the fact that Jesus is real! While this may be “good news” to Walter, it causes lots of tension with the B.A.D. news team.

Includes everything you need in a media DVD and curriculum DVD-ROM. Fully customizable, yet easy to use right out of the box!

Large Group/Small Group Format
Includes eight Gospel Hands Flip Tracts used to communicate the plan of salvation to children in a unique and engaging way.

Perfect for children in grades 2-6... Especially pre-teens!


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